Sensei Jennifer J. Kesil

4th Degree Black Belt

Isshinryu Karate

Sensei Jenn Kesil has been training in the martial arts for over 25 years. She started at the age of 9 at J.H. Kim Karate Institute in Wall, NJ under the tutelage of Famous Olympic Shihan J.K. Kim, a 10th degree black belt. Sensei Jenn started to compete at the age of 10 in state, regional and national competitions. She became a Junior Olympic Champion as a teenager and achieved the status of All-American in 1990-1991. She continued attending state, regional and national competitions as an adult. She even competed at the U.S. Open in Las Vegas in 2002. In 2004, she placed 3rd in Kumite (fighting) at the AAU Nationals Championship in North Carolina. She recieved a special invitation to try out for the AAU U.S. Team because of her talent in Karate during her competitions.

Sensei Jenn has also travelled extensively around the United States and the world, to pursue Masters of Isshinryu Karate. She also went to Honolulu to train with the best Okinawan Karate atheletes in the world in order to improve her skill and enhance her students' skills.

We are proud to have such a talented staff instructor at Aikido Centers of Manasquan.

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Little Dragon Classes:

Monday       6:00pm-7:00pm

Wednesday 5:00pm-6:00pm

Thursday     5:30pm-6:30pm


Adult Classes:

Monday       7:00pm-8:00pm

Wednesday 6:00pm-7:00pm

Friday            5:00pm- 6:00pm

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Sensei Jennifer J. Kesil

Aikido Center of Manasquan
56 Union Ave.- Rear
Manasquan, New Jersey 08736

Phone: +1 732 309-0822+1 732 309-0822


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